The Families Who Text Together…

I have one foot firmly in my 70s. Technology has slowly pulled away from me but I can still see the tail lights and smell its exhaust. The internet is not so hard to get around and cell phones have made life easier.

When at the store and not sure what product to buy, a picture is snapped and sent to my wife at home. She calls back and approves or disapproves. Do you have any idea how many return trips to the store that has saved?

Recently my three children and I had one of those four-way text chat sessions going on.

Back in my day, we had little use for the thumb—it was an underappreciated appendage. However its real value, irreplaceable; try holding a glass without one and it’s the one best used to create the space between words on a typewriter or keyboard. And the only digit appropriate to hitching a ride or doing crazy dances.

Technology, though, has found an incredible use for the thumb; the video game and texting.

My slow thumb can’t keep up with my kids’ when texting. The conversation can go from water polo to colitis before I have a chance to thumb, “I didn’t know horses could swim.”

So my kids and I are doing this four-way texting conference—great fun. Some say there is nothing like the spoken word but it is incredible to see those words. It perks the brain to imagine how something is written. It allows for more creative thought; an emoji or gif can become a part of the conversation.

There is no such thing as interrupting, when you hit send, it’s time for anybody else to jump in.

Sometimes what we write is a lot funnier than when it is said and often more meaningful. A text seems to linger while the spoken word is gone with the speed of sound.


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