Tom Radiated

His name was Tom, just Tom. In fact, when people asked him his last name he’d say, “One name will do, Tom. Life is far too complicated.”

There was something about that simple expression that drew people to him.

Tom was never in a hurry to leave work; always took his time. And if you had a problem, you took your time too and walk to the parking lot alongside him. Tom knew what was up; you had a problem.

His words were wise and comforting. “I’ve never seen a good deal you couldn’t sleep on.” “Don’t hire a guy who parts his hair in the middle, it’s like he can’t make a decision one way or another.” “Don’t buy a house with a gravel driveway.” “Don’t eat at a place with a gravel parking lot.” “The Gravel business is the best business to get into; you by it by the acre and sell it by the pound.”

Each phrase was like a chapter from a book on life. People gravitated to him and he never seemed to mind.

Then it happened; one day he didn’t show up or call in. Another day passed, then another. One of the guys pulled back the cover over his tool chest. Tom left a note. “I decided to move on. Nearly every problem can be solved with this one simple rule, measure twice and cut once and if it’s too short toss it in the wood pile. It can be used for firewood to keep you warm on a cold day—Tom.”


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