New Novel Just Published

Congratulations to me!

The fifth book in the Rich Larsen adventure series has just been published. It is titled Ere and After The Ghan.

In this latest installment, Rich Larsen leaves the South Seas and sails on to Australia. It is there he finds old friends and new. However, his past continues to track pester him like a shark measuring its prey.

Rich visits the busy metropolis of Sydney and camps in the outback. He skirts along the southern coast of the great mysterious continent of Australia. He encounters the beauty, majesty, mystery, and intrigue.

He eventually finds his way traveling on the famous Australian passenger train, The Ghan. It is there he becomes a suspect in the murder of a Soviet spy.

And in between all that he explores deep within himself to find out more about who he is.

Ere and After The Ghan is available in on Amazon as an ebook or paperback. Read and enjoy.


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