Odysseys in Paradise Has Come To An End—What Next?

Episodes of Odysseys in Paradise has been featured on The Jittery Goat since January of 2018. If you enjoyed it and would like to send a copy to a friend or relative it is available as an ebook or paperback.

Odysseys in Paradise is the fourth book of a series based upon the adventures of Rich Larsen. The novel previous to Odysseys in Paradise was Beyond Beyond. It chronicled Rich Larsen’s adventures from the time he sailed from Maine and through the Strait of Magellan. The novel before that, entitled The Id and the Odyssey told the story of Rich’s travels from Ohio to Maine and his three years in Maine. 

If the reader has become familiar with Rich Larsen, perhaps it might be good to start near as possible to the beginning of his life of adventure. It starts with a novel entitled The Summer of ‘62. Thus, starting Monday, September 2, The Summer of ‘62 will be published in consecutive episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Of course, if you wish to forgo reading a few pages a week, it is available in ebook or paperback.

This is an enjoyable and gripping read offering the reader a detailed background in the character, Rich Larsen. Hope you enjoy.


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