Letter of Resignation, Episode 103, Odysseys in Paradise

Rich passed the house of the woman who gave him directions. She sat on a lounge chair on her porch. Rich pulled the cart in her driveway and walked up to where she sat.

“I see you found the store,” she said.

“Yes,” Rich said, “and because of your advice about New Zealand drivers I’m here before you now.” Rich handed her a small box. “A bracelet. I’m sure you have many and I was limited on choice, but it is given with great thanks.”

The woman opened the box. “I’ve seen this. It’s the best one of the lot. I’ll wear it proudly.”

“Good day to ya, ma’am,” Rich said.

“And a safe journey to you,” the woman said.

Rich returned to The Odyssey and restocked his provisions. He climbed the mast and removed the tracking device. Rich ate his meal in the cockpit watching the sun set over the golden dunes to his west. Waiting for dark, he consulted his charts. As soon as night fell, he slung on a jacket and placed the tracker in a pocket. Below the sink in the galley, he fished around with his hand until he located the envelope with the money given to him in Grenada by Clyde Acres.

Rich wrote a note:

To Clyde Acres, United States Central Intelligence Agency

There is no personal animosity toward you or your comrades, only admiration. I can no longer bear the weight or responsibility that these funds purchased. It is returned in full. I believe you to be a man of honor and bravery and hope the best for you. You have done much for me and I hope my efforts in your service were fair, equitable, and appreciated.


Rich dropped the note and envelope full of money into a larger brown envelope. He addressed it to the United States Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand. He folded the envelope and stuffed it in the other jacket pocket.

Rich removed the ladder from the engine compartment. He walked with the ladder to the where the road from the wharf ended at the state highway. He used the ladder to reach the rungs of an electrical pole. He climbed the rungs and at the top nailed the tracker to the pole and wedged the envelope filled with money between the tracker and the pole. He quickly descended and returned to The Odyssey.

Rich stayed the night docked at the wharf. At the first sign of dawn’s light Rich unleashed from the wharf and started the engine. The Odyssey purred into the middle of the bay and the sails were hoisted.


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