The Prayer, Episode 96, Odysseys in Paradise

The Prayer

The Odyssey sailed within a half mile of the shore to the village.

“Stay in the cockpit,” Rich said. “I’ll take care of the sails myself. I don’t want you getting hurt the last minute.”

“I’m going below to look more presentable,” Ramona said.

Rich dropped the sails and used the motor to maneuver within 300 yards of the shore. Rich killed the engine and cast the anchors.

Rich went below. Ramona sat on the bench shaking. Rich sat beside her and put his arm around her shoulder.

“I feel so sick and nervous,” Ramona said. “I don’t know what to do.”

“We could pray to Jehovah,” Rich said.

Ramona tearfully and nervously smiled. “I can’t.”

“Dear Jehovah,” Rich said, “give Ramona the strength to leave this boat and see her family. It is important to her and them.”

“How’s that?” Rich said.

“You have to say in Jesus’ name,” Ramona said. “It’s like putting the stamp on a letter.”

“Do I have to start all over again?” Rich said.

“I don’t think Jehovah forgot what you said,” Ramona said.

“In Jesus’ name,” Rich said.

“Amen,” Ramona said. “You should say that too.”

“Amen,” Rich said. “Do you think the angels heard that?”

“Maybe,” Ramona said. “I bet they’re laughing.”

“I don’t think so,” Ramona said.

“But if Jehovah is laughing, I bet they are laughing,” Rich said.

“They don’t have to,” Ramona said.

“Because they have free will,” Rich said remembering a previous discussion they had.

“This is such a funny conversation,” Ramona said.

“It’s time to go,” Rich said.

“Yes it is,” Ramona said. “Thanks for the prayer.”

“Thanks for everything,” Rich said.



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