I Am Home, Episode 95, Odysseys in Paradise

Rich stood on his toes atop the cabin’s roof and pointed over the bow, “Land Ho, Ramona! Reao dead ahead!”

Ramona suddenly leaped from sitting on the bench in the cockpit and staggered along the side of the cabin. She climbed on the roof and squinted to see Reao.

Rich handed her the binoculars.

She looked through them. “I see it. Is that Reao?”

“Yes it is!” Rich said.

“I am home!” Ramona said. She kissed Rich on the cheek. “I am home.”

Rich smiled yet he felt an emptiness. He thought, “I hope to feel that joy at arriving home someday. Careful you sullen killjoy, you will ruin the happiest day of this girl’s life.”

“If I remember we will sail to the northwest shore,” Rich said. “Stay here and watch.”

Rich staggered along the side of the cabin and made his way below. He grabbed the mic. “Calling Reao, calling Reao, over”

There was a long pause.

“This is Reao, I hear, over.”

“This is The Odyssey,” Rich said. “I will be off the shore of the village in an hour and a half. Inform Jean and his family. I have something of great value for them. Do you copy? Over.”

“Yes, I will inform them. Over”

“Thank you, over and out.”

Rich climbed up to the cockpit and made a slight turn port at the helm. He then stood with Ramona on top of the cabin roof. “She is beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Yes,” Ramona said longingly. “It is just as I imagined.”

“I called ahead,” Rich said. “Your family will be waiting. I only told them I had something valuable.”

“I feel as if I could jump off the boat and swim faster,” Ramona said.


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