Dasvidaniya, Episode 93, Odysseys in Paradise


During the second night, the winds subsided dramatically. The lagoon and its surroundings looked as if little happened. There were a few downed palms, most survived.

They ate breakfast together. It was quiet.

“May I ask something of both of you?” Rich said.

“Sure,” they said with mouths turned down and bobbing heads.

“Does it bother you not to report the truth about me?” Rich said.

Boris smiled. “It is good you are nothing. We don’t go fishing for big fish only to bring back a small fish, that can’t even be used for bait.”

“We would look foolish,” Dmitri said.

Boris sipped his tea and stood. “It’s time for us to go, Dmitri.”

They shook Rich’s hand firmly. They politely smiled at Ramona.

“I hope your father is well,” Boris said.

“Thank you,” Ramona said. “And I hope you make it safely back to those you love and those who love you.”

“I have a daughter your age,” Boris smiled. “I will tell her about you.”

Rich followed Boris and Dmitri as they slowly trudged up the companionway. They reached the aft deck and Rich gave them a hand climbing back into their raft.

They picked up their pistols lying in the bottom of the raft. They smiled and tucked them inside their jackets.

“I’m actually going to miss you guys,” Rich said. “Don’t say anything. You won’t miss me. Two years from now you won’t even remember what happened here.”

Boris smiled. “We will have forgotten you by the time we get to the submarine. We will make up a name and tell everyone what a good time we had with a guy named Bob Miller.”

“Dasvidaniya,” Rich waved.

“Dasvidaniya,” Boris said.

“Schas-li-va-va pu-ti,” Dmitri said.

“And you as well,” Rich said

Rich watched them paddle to shore and pull their raft to the outer shore facing the ocean.

Rich went below where Ramona was cleaning up from breakfast.

“How soon are we sailing?” Ramona said.

“Right now,” Rich said.

Soon they were out of the lagoon and into the open water bouncing along in choppy seas powered by full sails.

Rich relaxed at the helm. Ramona joined him in the cockpit. She smiled and sat across from him.

“That went well,” Ramona said.

“I don’t think we’ll see them again,” Rich said.

“When you left me with them in the cabin while you checked the lines they told me what you did with the gun,” Ramona said.

“Oh,” Rich said. “I almost forgot.” He sprung down the companionway and grabbed the pistol from the cabinet beneath the galley sink. He climbed on deck and tossed it into the water. He opened the bench and removed every weapon and piece of ammunition. He lugged them to the stern and let them sink into the sea.

“That was the right thing to do,” Ramona said.

“Now what do I use for ballast?`” Rich quipped.

“Why did you throw them away?” Ramona said.

“It was the right thing to do,” Rich said. “Sometimes being prepared for bad will put you in a situation where bad things happen. The woodsman may not have walked so deep into the forest where the bears were if not for the fact he had a gun. Likewise, a man will avoid danger and consider his steps if he knows it is just him.”

Ramona smiled, yet her expression yielded a hidden disappointment in Rich’s reply. “Yes, that is practical.”

“And it is pleasing to Jehovah,” Rich said. “A prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3.”

“You’re a real dish of strawberries and honey,” Ramona said.

“I’ll make us some tea m’lady,” Rich said.


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