Knowing, Episode 83, Odysseys in Paradise

One night, when Ramona had already gone to her quarters, Rich looked into a sky nearly blurry with stars. “Thank you, Jehovah, for protecting Ramona and for me being there when it was desperate for her. Some are born with goodness and it grows in the worst of soil while others are born in good soil, but prefer the hog trough. I want goodness to grow in me. Free will; I am the master of who I am and who I will be. Ramona must have had a moment where she absolutely rejected it all.”

Rich sprung down the companionway and through the cabin. He tapped on Ramona’s door. “Ramona, Ramona, are you awake.? I have to ask you something. It’s very important.”

“Come in,” Ramona said.

“No,” Rich said, “I’ll ask you from here. When did it happen?”

“What?” Ramona said.

“When you were absolutely sure about not following your mother’s ways,” Rich said.

“I think I always knew it,” Ramona said.

“Did Jehovah speak to you?” Rich said.

“No,” Ramona said.

“How did you know?” Rich pleaded. “When did you know he was with you?”

“When I was a little girl,” Ramona said. “I was looking for something. People don’t look for treasure unless they know of its existence.”

It was silent except for the sounds of The Odyssey and the sea.

“Are you okay?” Ramona said.

“Yes,” Rich said. “He’s always been there. Thanks, Ramona. Good night.”

“Good night,” Rich said.

Rich returned to the cockpit and stared into the starlit night. “You are there; all along, you are there. You are waiting for me, but I don’t know the way; when I do, I will know it. I know you don’t reveal yourself with extravagance; you are too sure of your ways to do that.”

Rich smiled at the dotted night sky and slipped below to drift into a restful peaceful slumber.


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