Thy Name, Episode 81, Odysseys in Paradise

Rich gave Ramona a tour of The Odyssey. After the tour, she stayed in the cockpit and watched the heading while Rich slept in the cabin for three hours. When he woke, they ate, and then he gave a quick sailing lesson.

The next day and a half the seas were slightly churning. Ramona spent most of her time in the head or in her quarters. Anytime she appeared on deck she vomited over the side.

“Will this ever go away?” she asked Rich.

“Yes,” Rich said, “and you’ll be fine.”

Eventually, Ramona recovered, but spent much of her time away from Rich. When Rich was on deck, she occupied the cabin. When Rich came into the cabin, she would not leave immediately, but never spent a lot of time with Rich.

For Rich’s part, this was fine. He viewed it only as a protection for her feelings and emotions. Rich thought, “when you start to reveal emotions, emotional feelings surface. This is neither the time nor the place to take advantage of two vulnerable people. It is best not to ever share; stick to the practical things and the mundane.”

Rich caught an Albacore tuna and cleaned it. He prepared it along with rice.

He tapped on Ramona’s door. “Ramona, I prepared our meal.” Rich sat at the table and soon Ramona appeared.

They began eating.

“This is really good,” Ramona said.

“Thank you,” Rich said. “I caught it about two hours ago.”

“I’m not being rude,” Ramona said.

“No,” Rich said, “if you were rude, I’d let you know. This is a long trip and it is best we keep things the way we are.”

“I notice you read the Bible,” Ramona said.

“Yes,” Rich said. “I’ve read it couple times. That Bible was given to me by a friend.”

“I read the Bible too,” Ramona said. “That’s what I do in my quarters.” She paused. “Do you know what God’s name is?”

“I’m not so sure he has a name,” Rich said.

“Did you ever come across the name Jehovah when you read?” Ramona said.

“Yes,” Rich said.

“What did you think that meant?” Ramona said.

“I thought it may have been just an expression of praise,” Rich said. “I never gave it a lot of thought.”

“Do you know the Lord’s Prayer?” Ramona said.

“Yes,” Rich smiled, “doesn’t everybody?”

“Say it,” Ramona said.

“Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name…”

“Stop!” Ramona said. “Hallowed be thy?”

“Name,” Rich smiled.

“And what is his name?” Ramona said.

“Jehovah?” Rich said not quite sure.

“Yes,” Ramona said. “Don’t you usually mention the first things first or the most important things?”

“Yes,” Rich said.

“In the Lord’s Prayer what’s the first thing mentioned?” Ramona said.

“To hallow God’s name,” Rich said. “He has a name.”

“That’s right,” Ramona said.

“There you go again,” Rich said, “something else you know that I don’t.”

Ramona smiled. “I’ve wanted to tell you that.”

“Did you come up with that on your own?” Rich said.

“I have a friend who taught me that,” Ramona said.

“That is something worth knowing,” Rich said.

“How did you become interested in reading the Bible?” Ramona said.

“I always wanted to be close to God and know more about him,” Rich said, “and a friend gave me his Bible and advised me to read it.”

“That was good advice,” Ramona said.

“What about you?” Rich said.

“Two years ago, a friend at school talked to me about the Bible,” Ramona said. “I always knew it was a sacred book, but thought it was only for priests.”

“Jesus condemned priests,” Rich said. “He said truth and knowledge would be a possession of babes and the intellects would reject it. I read that someplace in the Bible.”

“I don’t think he was condemning smart people,” Ramona said. “I think it is arrogant smart people.”

They talked the rest of the day and until the light from The Odyssey was the only light on the sea.



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