Ramona Says Goodbye, Episode 77, Odysseys in Paradise


“It is best we get out of here at night,” Rich said.

“Any ideas?” Tim said.

“Yeah,” Rich said, “Drop Ramona and me at the east end of the marina and go home.”

“What are you going to do?” Tim said.

“I have an idea,” Rich said, “trust me.”

“That’s it?” Tim said.

“A few blocks east of where you will drop us off is a street that dead ends at the water’s edge,” Rich said. “Go there and watch for us to sail by. Give us a flash with your headlights if you wish. I’ll flash you back.”

“Is that okay with you, Ramona?” Tim said.

“The longer I am here the greater chance of me being caught and returned,” Ramona said.

“I’ll go home and if the police come, deny everything,” Tim said.

Tim started the car and backed down the street. He drove to the far east end of the marina.

Rich got out of the car, leaving Tim and Ramona alone. They had a private tearful goodbye and she got out of the car.

“Take good care of her,” Tim said to Rich from a rolled down car window.

“She’ll be safe,” Rich said. “There is a side entrance to the marina we’ll slip in there.”

“How will you get to the other side of the marina where your boat is?” Tim said.

“Don’t worry,” Rich smiled, “we’ll get there. You don’t suppose you could do me a small favor before you get to the road on the bay?”

“What?” Tim said.

“Create some sort of distraction,” Rich said. “We will need something to get the policeman away for maybe 10 minutes; enough time for me to start the boat and move it out of the marina.”

“I’m not sure what to do,” Tim said.

“Here’s a suggestion,” Rich said, “a trash fire near the restaurant we ate at. It’s close enough for the policeman to respond and far enough for him to not notice us leaving the marina. Do you think you can manage that?”

“How much time do you need?” Tim said.

“Park where you can see us get on the boat; the street we were just on will be fine,” Rich said. “I’ll give you a wave and just flash your lights. We’ll wait for the distraction.”

“Have a good voyage, my friend,” Tim said.

“It may be a few months, but I will get word to you,” Rich said.



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