A Girl, an American, and a Kiwi, Episode 76, Odysseys in Paradise

“What does my father look like?” Ramona said.

“He looks like a man who would love to see his daughter,” Rich said.

“Rich,” Tim said. “I could pay her way there by plane.”

“Uncle Tim,” Ramona said, “If this is traced back to you it could mean trouble for you. If this man is willing to do this, than maybe it is best.”

“Ramona, Ramona,” Tim said. “I will do whatever you say. Right now, your safety is my only concern.”

“I know that, Uncle Tim,” Ramona said, “but you have two children, my cousins. Helping me may be hurting them.”

“They will understand,” Tim said.

“My mind is made up,” Ramona said. “Bring my cousins to visit me.”

They drove toward the marina.

“Rich,” Tim said, “I may have created a problem.”

“What?” Rich said.

“When arguing with Tiki I told her your boat was at the marina,” Tim said.

“There was a lot being said,” Rich said, “maybe she didn’t pick up on it.”

Rich and Tim discussed the possibility of the police being near the marina. Tim turned onto the street that ran alongside the marina; he slowed. A police car rested at the entrance to the marina. Tim turned down a side street and parked the car.

“Now what?” Tim said.

“How are we sure they are looking for us?” Ramona said.

“They are looking for a girl, an American, and a Kiwi,” Rich said. “If a Kiwi should innocently walk by and ask what’s up, what would be suspicious about that?”

“I’ll be right back,” Tim said. He exited the car and walked a ways from the marina and circled back to make it appear he was coming from the restaurant.

Rich and Ramona watched Tim stop and talk with the police officer. They were too far away to pick up the conversation. Tim walked away, around a block, and came in behind Rich and Ramona who sat in the car.

He climbed back into the car.

“Well?” Rich said.

“They are looking for a girl, an American, and a Kiwi,” Tim said.


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