Finding Uncle Tim, Episode 71, Odysseys in Paradise

Rich asked for a private phone. The marina had one available in a small office slightly larger than a closet with only enough room for the chair and desk. Rich explained he might need the phone for quite some time and if anyone would want to use the phone, he would be willing to relinquish it. There were 62 Cantwells in the phone book, no Ramona.

On the 11th call, a man said, “I know her, she is my sister’s daughter, my niece.”

“Do you know where I can find her?” Rich said.

“Who are you and what do you want with her,” the man said.

“My name is Rich Larsen. A few months ago I received a gift from a woman in Reao to give to Ramona. The woman’s name is Turua and her husband’s name is Jean.”

“Yes,” the man said. “My name is Tim. Jean and I were good friends many years ago.”

“Like I said, I have something for Ramona and I’d like to give it to her, personally.”

“I don’t speak to Ramona’s mother,” Tim said, “and it has been a year since I last saw Ramona.”

“Is it possible for you to find out where they live?” Rich said. “I sailed from the Fijis and I plan on restocking my boat and sailing to Sydney in a couple days.”

“Auckland is a big place,” Tim said. “I will see what I can do.”

“I’ll give you the number of the marina where my boat is docked and that will be the only way to contact me,” Rich said.

“As soon as I find out where they live I will call immediately,” Tim said. “By the way, how is Jean?”

“He is well,” Rich said. “He has a good family and a good life.”

“That is good to hear,” Tim said.

Rich gave Tim the number and address of the marina and they said goodbye. As soon as Rich hung up he called a cab and drove to the nearest bank to convert his money. Next, a visit to a grocery and back to The Odyssey.

With The Odyssey’s pantry and forward quarter completely restocked with an abundance of stock, Rich filled the water supply and gas tank. A comprehensive inspection of The Odyssey uncovered only a few issues which Rich noted and remedied the next day with a visit to a marine hardware store.

As Rich finished a repair on the sail he grew anxious that he had not heard from Tim.


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