Odyssey in Paradise; A Trip to the South Seas

Several years ago, when The Summer of ‘62 was published immediately the idea germinated to continue with another book. Thus, The Id and The Odyssey was conceived and published. Why stop with that? The adventures of Rich Larsen continued with Beyond Beyond. That book found Rich at the western gate of the Strait of Magellan looking at the entrance to the Pacific Ocean.

When in my early teens I was fascinated by the television series Adventures in Paradise starring Gardner McKay as the South Seas adventurer Adam Troy. It seemed to me, a natural step for Rich Larsen to explore the same seas. Thus he was sent to the Polynesians for his own odyssey in paradise.

Naturally, the next book, Odyssey in Paradise, takes Rich Larsen from island to island in the South Seas. He becomes involved in the lives of those who desperately need help. He comes across thieves, spies, and pearl merchants.

During his voyage among the exotic atolls and natives of the South Seas, he struggles to overcome the things that link him to his past. He is able to see life from the perspective of the beauty and serenity only those islands can offer.

Odyssey in Paradise is available as an ebook or paperback. I am certain you will enjoy it as your imagination takes you to the South Seas for an adventure of a lifetime.


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