Delivering Yuri, Episode 52, Odysseys in Paradise

Rich and Yuri waited at the edge of the dock and Speed pulled up in his Taxi.

“I hear you need a ride, Rich,” Speed said scrambling from the car to get the suitcases.

“Out to the Naval air station,” Rich said.

The ride was without a word. They were waved in by the guards. Rich paid speed and he drove away.

“I can’t imagine how hard this is for you,” Rich said as they reached to door.

“It is like ripping everything away inside of me and filling it with nothing,” Yuri said. “All that is left of me is the facade.”

“I have the feeling you have many good things in you,” Rich said. “and for a man who has good things in him, there are good things before him. If it’s okay, I’ll walk in with you.”

They walked in and the sailor at the desk told them to go on back to Oak’s office.

They walked in. Oaks stood and so did Acres.

“Are you Yuri Petrushkin?” Acres said.

“Yes,” Yuri said.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” Acres said.

“Likewise,” Yuri said.

Acres turned to Rich. “Good job. Could you stay for awhile? I’d like to interview both of you for awhile.”

Rich nodded.

“Anything happen on the trip back?” Acres said.

“Not much,” Yuri said, “Rich sent some Soviet commandos back to their sub and the next day threatened to blow a hole in it. Other than that it was pretty uneventful.”

“Let’s sit down,” Acres said.

“Let me call the mess for some coffee,” Oaks said.

“Oaks,” Rich said, “didn’t I tell you about the anti-tank rockets?”

“You may have,” Oaks said, “but everything went blurry around the time you told me about the ballistic missiles.”

Acres interviewed Rich and Yuri individually for about a half hour each. After that, the four of them ate at the mess. After the meal, they went to Oaks’ private quarters and had a drink along with some light conversation. Yuri was provided private quarters with an armed guard posted outside his door. Rich was driven back to The Odyssey. On the way back he thought of staying in Pago Pago for a couple more days. As for the next day, that would be used to restock.

Rich was tired. He did not realize the burden of bringing Yuri to Pago Pago would take such a physical toll on him. “Perhaps a few more days,” Rich thought. “Although the sea and sailing is often the best remedy for mental exhaustion.”

Rich stepped from the jeep and thanked the driver. He walked toward The Odyssey. The dock was illuminated only by a couple low watt bulbs.


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