A Coffee Cup That Says It All

Is coffee really that important? That’s almost like asking is oxygen really that important? Of course, it is. Without it we’d die—the coffee I mean. Yes, I know, we can’t live without oxygen, but without coffee, it is a much slower death.

What if all the sudden a deadly virus attacked only coffee beans and mysteriously killed all the coffee plants, bushes, and trees. Chaos would ensue of unimaginable proportions. The streets of Manhattan, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Berlin would be stacked ten high in people jumping from buildings.

I usually save two pounds ahead. That’s what I have in reserve in case of that deadly virus or some other catastrophe that might interrupt the flow of coffee. That’s about a month’s worth. I figure that will get me through any crisis until the coffee flows again or gradually ween myself.

Once I ran out of caffeinated coffee. I made decaffeinated thinking the body and brain could be fooled. At 11 AM I needed a neck brace to keep my chin from diving into my chest. Tiny strips of duct tape held my eyes open. At the sight of me, zombies returned to their crypts.

Finally, I did something I swore to never do—buy coffee from a vending machine. In five minutes I was like a hummingbird in a haven of nectar.

Yep, that will never happen again. It’s difficult to imagine life without coffee. Thus an empty cup is something not worth considering—it’s downright abysmal. It’s a place nobody wants to go.



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