Beyond Beyond a Good Read; From Maine to the Strait of Magellan

Beyond Beyond is the third book about the saga of Rich Larsen.

It starts when Rich leaves the coast of Main and sets out on a journey, not only to escape criminal elements who are after him but to set out on a dream of sailing around the world.

It is during that journey he comes in contact with members of the CIA to aid to aid them as as a diversion. This places him in great danger. Rich faces danger on land and sea. In the various ports of the Caribbean and the eastern coast of South America he encounters and becomes entangled in the lives of those he meets. However, it is always to the sea he escapes. 

Rich Larsen is still a young man on this portion of his journey. He is still learning about life, people, and himself. He struggles with his faults and learns from his mistakes. He visits renowned cities and places few know exists. He contacts a cast of characters the reader will not soon forget; either for their charity or their evil.

The final episodes of Beyond Beyond takes Rich to the perilous Strait of Magellan. Not only does he face the dangers of nature in that region but he faces dangers from the nemesis that has tracked him since leaving Maine.

With summer nearing Beyond Beyond would be a great summer read or gift for anyone who enjoys adventure and suspense. It is available as a Kindle book or paperback.



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