Visit Maine; The Id and The Odyssey


In the novel, The Summer of ‘62 the reader is held in suspense about Rich Larsen’s decision and future in the fall of 1962. The Id and The Odyssey is about that decision. It is the blind journey, beyond what he had ever expected and led to a life he never thought possible.

Rich Larsen travels by bicycle from Ohio to Maine. On the way, he meets people who help or hinder his trip and has experiences that try and test who he is and will become.

Rich Larsen ends up on Maine’s coast in the town of Rockland. He settles into a good life, working for a newspaper. Eventually, he becomes a reporter and becomes involved in breaking a story of local corruption.

His future seems as if on an upward trajectory under the tutelage of the newspaper’s owner and editor, Sam White. In time Rich discovers Sam has a more sinister interest in him.

Again, Rich is faced with a life-altering decision.

The story is full of northeast Yankee charm and characters. The reader becomes immersed in the rhythm of life that can only be enjoyed by being apart of an east coast harbor town.

This is your invitation. Travel with Rich on his odyssey and spend some time in a restful, but suspenseful town on the Maine coast; The Id and The Odyssey can be purchased as a Kindle ebook or in paperback.


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