Be Yourself; There’s Already The Other Guy

So let’s say you’re being interviewed for a big important job with advancement, a future, and plenty of money. You are asked the question, who is the person you admire most in your life and pattern your life after? The answer is supposed to reveal the “deep you.” To your future employer, it is what he can expect from you.

A man I know answered; “Nobody, there’s so many people running around out there trying to be somebody else, they hardly have time be themselves. Out there in the lobby, I just met the next two guys you’ll interview; John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. And I suspect Napoleon Bonaparte will show up for a 3:00 PM interview.”

There is a theory about those who are eager to say they pattern their lives after a famous person; they are merely trying to ride on the coattails of that famous person.

I’ve looked through several lists of the people others refer to as inspirational or role models. Generally speaking, they come from the world of science, art, religion, and politics. Interestingly none come from the world of rock ‘n’ roll, sports, acting, or journalism.

What is interesting, to me, is that the admired people come from a career choice that some may view as service to others. However, many prefer to immolate arrogant, self-absorbed, and egotistical media and sports personalities. It leads me to the conclusion, people know how to act but prefer to act badly.

Back to my friend. The interviewer asked him why he should be hired rather than Kennedy, King, or Bonaparte? “Really,” he said, “do you think those guys would want to work in bathtub factory?”

To tell you the truth,” the interviewer said, “I fired Kennedy last week, it surprises me to find him back so soon. Anyway, you’re hired.”


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