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I’d like to invite my visitors to consider my novel, Beyond Beyond. In the novel, Rich Larsen is on the run; or more accurately, on the sail. His mentor and the owner and editor of the newspaper he works for turns out to be a left-wing radical belonging to a well-organized group with power and political clout.

This novel takes Rich from the coastal town of Rockland, Maine, into the Caribbean, down the east coast of South America, through the dangerous Strait of Magellan, and eventually into the Pacific. On the trek, he meets up with a whole host of good and bad characters. He faces death on land and sea. He overcomes the forces of nature and the sordidness of man.

He visits places overlooked by time and tourists. He bonds with characters who have with them their own stories and reasons for being on the fringes.

It is a time when he is fully tested; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The last two years he spent in Rockland, prepared him for what he needed to overcome all that nature, circumstances, and evil men might cast his way.

Here is a portion from Beyond Beyond. Rich is at a small cafe on the island of Fernando de Noronha.

He sipped and looked at the primitive existence around him. He pondered. “There is little that remains for me to see and do here, but for some strange reason, I must be here. Perhaps the reason will be unknown to me forever. Perhaps I’m thinking too much of my own importance. If a tree in the forest should fall with no one to hear, it is more of a philosophical and moral discussion than physical or scientific. Does the tree that falls set a chain of events in motion that will alter lives? Two hundred years ago a tree falls in the forest. It scares a deer. A pioneer shoots the deer. He takes it home to his family. Without the deer, the family would have starved to death. That family is the ancestor of a President, a deciding vote, the cure for cancer, or a mass killer. All because of a tree that fell in the forest.”

Rich had one swig of beer remaining. He tossed the beer to the back of this throat and took the empty bottle back inside and placed it on the bar.

Mais um?” Said the woman behind the bar.

Nao obrigado,” Rich said. “Adeus.”

Adeus,” the woman said.

Rich made his way back to the dinghy and putted back to The Odyssey.

It was a night of little expectation yet great accomplishment in mind and soul. Each day away and each location visited provided another buffer between him and whatever occurred in Maine.

Rich brought a cup of tea on deck. He looked out over the sea to the north. There was a flicker of light; perhaps a distant freighter. “I hope I am that distant flicker.”

For a reason not known, Rich felt threatened. Without hesitation, he pulled the anchor on board. The muffled sound of the engine broke the bay’s silent night. Rich gently nudged through the calm bay waters to where the sea chopped and the wind blew steady and lively.

As always, I hope you purchase the book in digital or paperback and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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