Looking After An Orphan, Episode 15, Odysseys in Paradise

Rich climbed below and started to chart his course. “Easter Island,” he thought, “nearly 2,000 miles. Henderson, another 1200. I can take Miguel with me, but then what? If he stays, then what?”

“Zeke, the boy, Miguel, what do you think?” Rich said.

“No,” Rich said, “I’m not getting tired of you. But he will be my first mate. He can hoist sails, steer, and I can teach him to cook.”

“What do you mean, I never gave you a chance?” Rich said, “You never took any initiative or showed the slightest bit of interest. You’re a dog, Zeke; it’s okay.”

Zeke placed his paws on Rich’s thigh and laid his chin between them. Rich rubbed Zeke’s head. “I don’t think we could live with the thought of leaving Miguel here. I can’t rescue everyone I come across, but he truly has no one.”

“What’s that you say, check out the story?” Rich said. “That may take a day or two.”

“Wait a minute! I sounds as if you want to stay,” Rich said suspiciously. “While I was at the store, you didn’t by chance meet a lady, did you?”

Rich turned serious and continued studying his charts.

Late afternoon, Rich hiked to a high peak overlooking the small village and the inlet. He sat on a rock and absorbed the warm breeze from the north. His thoughts mostly on Miguel and his plight. The last ray of the sun rested on his back and the inlet stood calm and in the shadows of the surrounding peaks. Slowly the shadow marched up the path that brought him to his resting spot and with it a damp clammy coldness. The remaining heat from the rock failed to keep him warm. Immediately, it penetrated to the bones. Rich buttoned his jacket and lifted the collar. He started his walk back toward the dock where The Odyssey moored and warmth could be found.

Rich thought of Miguel. “He knows so much about Alexander Selkirk. He is living Selkirk’s life. He’s marooned and captive on an island of emotional loneliness. He is waiting for rescue.”

Rich returned to the warmth of The Odyssey’s cabin. He slept little. Miguel weighed heavy on his mind. He thought about a scripture he had read, but could not recall where. It mentioned that true worship is displayed by looking after widows and orphans. Another thought rushed into his mind about a person who has the means to help someone in need and turns away would be cursed.

“If I complete my voyage and yet do not help Miguel, than my voyage would have only been for my glory. Is that why we are put on this earth, to glorify ourselves, others, or God?” Rich thought. “The answer is beyond obvious.”

Rich closed his eyes and rested.


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