The Tides of Brewster Harbor: Episode 81 – Cyanide Cindy

Izzy’s article ran in several northeast newspapers. The folks of Brewster Harbor were proud of her, but like true Yankees, not about the let her know.

Captain Cornwall called Izzy a week later to inform her the list of numbers she turned over to him yielded quite a catch. Many were seemingly innocent ‘trustworthy’ retired folks making a few extra dollars.

Izzy interviewed Cornwall again. This time the story reached into every community that the retired senior drug runners lived.

Niles now had the Sam Petit murder solved. It was his wife. All the evidence pointed that way and a warrant issued for her arrest. The problem; nobody knew where she lived or what her name might be now. The address found on Mildred’s thumb drive rendered nothing. The Los Angles Police Department found the house occupied by a lawyer. “What were the chances,” Niles sarcastically thought.

Niles used the phone and numerous internet inquiries in an effort to locate Pauline Petit. He spoke with various law enforcement departments around the country in an effort to pinpoint her location.

He called an attorney in Pensacola, Florida, Bert Rogers, who prosecuted Pauline, then known as Angelita Woodburn.

Bert Rogers.”

Niles, Quinn, Brewster Harbor, Maine Chief of Police,”

Yes, Chief,” Rogers said, “I got your email a couple days ago. I reviewed the files and the snapshot you sent. Angelita and Pauline seem to be one and the same. I’m not surprised at her chosen line of work. She was a definite up and comer in the drug business. She had a lot of savvy and ambition. They work until finding something comfortable and reliable, but always what they know.”

From the list of names I sent of known associates, is there anyone you might be able to add to it? Niles said.

No,” Rogers said. “Other than a full-blown stakeout on those people there seems to be little we can do.”

I understand,” Niles said, “You can’t watch the front of the store when their stealing you blind from the alley.”

The best we can do is just keep her on a watch list, sometimes we get lucky,” Rogers said.

There is one more thing,” Niles said. “Did you have any unsolved cyanide deaths back in her day?”

That’s something I don’t recall,” Rogers said. “Can I put you on hold and let me make a quick call.”

A minute later Rogers came back on the line. “Chief, can I call you back in an hour?”

Sure,” Niles said.

Niles turned on the radio. The weather report said conditions were mounting that might produce another nor’easter over the weekend. “Just what we need,” Niles said to himself.

Niles called the Jeep dealership in Augusta and asked them when the department’s new four-wheel-drive vehicle would be ready. Niles contacted Tom, who was on patrol, and Sid at home. He had Tom take Sid to Augusta to pick up the Jeep.

The phone rang.

Brewster Harbor Police Department, Chief Quinn.”

Hi, Chief, Bert Rodgers, I have some interesting information for you.”

An unsolved cyanide murder,” Niles said.

Afraid not,” Rogers said. “Two unsolved cyanide murders – in Pensacola.”

Sounds like you may have more elsewhere?” Niles said.

Yep,” Rogers said. “Two more in Tallahassee and I found another across the state line in Mobile. The officers investigating said they always knew it was a woman, but that was it. They called her Cyanide Cindy.”

Well,” Niles said, “she’s alive, in business, and on the run. She killed her husband by cyanide about three years ago. We have her wrapped up in drug distribution ring in the Northeast. The problem is that there are two more murders up this way that may be related. I think if I get her she might roll over on the others.”

I might be able to move this up our priority list,” Rogers said. “The connections are too coincidental. However, she is a tough gal, she won’t roll on anybody for anything. We offered her a get-out-of-jail-free card and she knew nothing. She’s a person waterboarding would have no effect on. In fact, I remember something about her; she could make a person think she was caring and emotional and change in the blink of an I. I remember saying to somebody she could watch a person die while eating dessert.”

You got to be kidding me,” Niles said. “That is exactly what she did.”

We should have dug deeper on that one,” Rogers said, “We were just happy to get another distributor of the streets. I know why she wouldn’t roll on anybody now if she did that might connect her with the murders.”

After handing up Niles tossed another log in the stove. “Well,” he thought, “It’s like adding another log to Witch Cyanide Cindy’s stake burning. Cyanide is her preferred method. Who shot Beauchard and Mildred?”


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