The Tides of Brewster Harbor; Episode 79 – Who Killed Sam?

Okay, one more time and this is the last,” Niles said, “who killed Sam Petit?”

Pauline,” Vance said.

Pauline?” Niles said.

Yeah,” Vance said, “Pauline Petit.”

How do you know?” Niles said.

She told us,” Val said.

Did she tell you how she did it?” Niles said.

Cyanide,” Vance said.

Why?” Niles said.

Sam was clueless about what she was doing,” Val said.

She was making close to $500,000 a year,” Vance said.

She was hiding it from him and going to leave him,” Val said. “She was a small-time distributor in Boston. She met Sam when he came down to Boston for to get away after his wife died. They connected, she saw an opportunity and came up here one weekend. That was enough for Sam to be convinced she loved him. And she had money. She bought The Harbor Inn.”

So you knew her from your days at Harvard?” Niles said.

Yeah,” Vance said, “we worked for her down there.”

We had nothing to do with the murder,” Val said. “We told her to just leave him.”

So where is she now?” Niles said.

We don’t know,” Val said.

Do you know anything about the murder of Keith Beauchard?” Niles said.

Never heard of him,” Vance said.

What about Mildred Carmichael’s murder?” Niles said.

We draw the line at murder,” Val said. “We were raised that way, Baptist.”

Yeah,” Niles said sarcastically, “the drug industry and the Baptists have such a sterling reputation in that way.”

Niles stood. “Leave the backpacks and get out of Dodge.”

You can’t do that to us,” Vance said. “If we don’t have the drugs or the money we’re dead.”

Don’t you guys have enough put back to cover this,” Niles said. “I feel like I’m talking a son and daughter, but what are you two doing with your money?”

It’s all invested,” Val said.

It would take a couple weeks to get our hands on the cash,” Vance said. “I can tell you, that will not be good enough for the people we deal with.”


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