Pizza With Miguel, Episode 13, Odysseys in Paradise

Rich did not need many supplies; only enough the restock a week’s worth of sailing. Miguel helped carry supplies back to The Odyssey.

Rich handed Miguel one escudo.

“No,” Miguel protested, “I do it for nothing. If I ever try to spend it, people will think it was stolen and I will be beaten.”

“Let me speak with your parents,” Rich said.

“I have no parents,” Miguel said.

“Than I will speak to who you stay with,” Rich said.

“That would be me,” Miguel said.

“You live by yourself?” Rich said.

“Yes,” Miguel said.

“Where is your father and mother?” Rich said.

“My mother died when I was young; I don’t remember her,” Miguel said. “My father died while fishing at sea. I am on my own.”

“You live alone?” Rich said.

“My uncle allows me to stay in a small room attached to his house,” Miguel said.

“Is he the one who would beat you?” Rich said.

“Yes,” Miguel said.

“When is the last time you ate a good meal?” Rich said.

“I eat what my uncle throws away,” Miguel said. “If I’m fed by others, he will beat me and my uncle has a reputation for being a very violent and mean man.; nobody ever crosses him. If he should catch someone feeding me, he said it would dishonor him and he would make them wish they never fed me. Everyone is afraid of him.”

“I am not afraid of him,” Rich said.

“He has muscles and you are skinny,” Miguel said.

“Appreciate the warning,” Rich said, “but I run fast.”

“It is a small island,” Miguel said. “You can only run so far.”

“If I could,” Rich said, “I send you to America.”

“I don’t know English,” Miguel said.

“It’s easy. Now, repeat,” Rich said, “Hello, my name is Miguel.”

Miguel repeated it.

“Very good,” Rich said and continued slowly, “Where is the bathroom?”

Miguel repeated it.

“That’s all you need to survive your first day in America,” Rich said. “Now come on board and we are going to eat. Have you ever had pizza?”

“No,” Miguel said.

“I don’t have all the traditional ingredients,” Rich said, “but I will prepare something that resembles it.”

An hour later they were eating a similarity to pizza in the cabin of The Odyssey. Miguel had nothing to compare it with. To him, it was a gourmet meal when compared to what he had eaten under the charge of his Uncle.

“Do you like it? Rich said as he watched Miguel eat.

“It is good,” Miguel said.

“You are kind,” Rich said. “This is nothing compared to pizzas you can buy at restaurants in the United States. They make pizza at restaurants so good it brings tears to your eyes. You eat until you can eat no more.”

“My father would say, you eat until it comes out your ears,” Miguel said.

“That is funny,” Rich said, “my father would say the same thing.”

“Someday I will go all the way to the United States and eat a pizza with you,” Miguel said. “I will buy.”


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