Niles sat at his desk when the phone rung

“Brewster Police Department, Chief Quinn,”

“Hey, Niles, this Lute. I just finished the interview with Jessica.”

“How’d she do?” Niles said.

“I hired her on the spot,” Lute said. “She starts tomorrow. My wife will come in and train her.”

“I got to go, Lute,” Niles said. “Jessica is walking up the driveway to my office right now.”

Niles hung up and Jessica walked in.

Niles stood. “How’d the interview go? It must have gone pretty good, I can tell by the smile.”

“I’m hired,” Jessica said excitedly. “I start tomorrow.”

“That’s great,” Niles said. “I think you’re the right fit for the job.”

“Thanks for what you did,” Jessica said. “You know something, I didn’t even own a dress and I haven’t had my hair done by anyone since I was 12.”

“We’re going to be working close together,” Niles said. “I wanted somebody I could work with and trust.”

“I hope I don’t let you down,” Jessica said.

“I hope I never let you down,” Niles said.

“You know something,” Jessica said, “Mildred said to me once she’d like to train me for the job.”

“Once she told me there was somebody she had in mind,” Niles said. “and I had this feeling it might be you. She would be overjoyed.”

“Don’t you think I’m too young?’ Jessica said.

“I don’t think so,” Niles said, “and apparently neither does the mayor. He’s the one that made the decision.”

“He said the council has to approve,” Jessica said, “but said they’ll do what he says. He whispered that it was a secret between him and Mildred, but the council won’t even wipe unless he says so.”

“That’s an image I’d like to erase,” Niles said.

“There nose,” Jessica joked, “I’m sure that what he meant.”

“I can tell already we’re going to get along, “ Niles said.

“There’s something else I wanted to bring up,” Jessica said. “When you talked to me at my house, you got me thinking about things.”

“About Mildred,” Niles said.

“Yes,” Jessica said. “It may not mean anything.”

“What is it?” Niles said.

“Did you know that Charley, the owner of the Harbor Inn, likes to take photographs,” Jessica said.

“Yes,” Niles said. “He’s showed me some.”

“One day when I visited Mildred, she took me over to the Harbor Inn for coffee and dessert,” Mildred said. “She was telling me about Charley’s pictures. She liked to take pictures too, but she said something really strange; she said Charley has a picture that could turn this town upside down and the funny thing about it is, he doesn’t know what he has.”

“Did she say what picture?” Niles said.

“I really didn’t want to know,” Jessica said. “I stuffed my mouth full of dessert so I wouldn’t ask.”

“That is helpful,” Niles said. “I like looking at photos.”

“There’s one more thing,” Jessica said. “Until now, I wished I had stuffed the dessert in my ears, but I heard Mildred say just as the green door holds a secret so does the green boat.”

“Maybe I should have hired you on the force,” Niles said.

“I searched on the internet and there’s this old song named Green Door,” Jessica said. “It’s really kind of strange, maybe it’s a clue.”

“Thanks,” Niles smiled. “You know what, it just may be a clue.”

“You’re just trying to make me feel better,” Jessica said. She shook Niles’ hand. “See you tomorrow.”

“Don’t be late,” Niles said.

Jessica smiled and left the office.

Niles rushed to the computer and started an internet search for Green Door.


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