The Tides of Brewster Harbor; Episode 58 – Stashing Cash

No one occupied the front desk. Niles walked back to the kitchen. Shelly chopped onions while Charley sat on the counter watching.

“Charley,” Niles said, “how come Shelly does all the work around here.”

“Look at her,” Charley said. “crying over her work. I told her she had to do it until she loved it.”

Shelley pointed the knife at Charley. “If the chief wasn’t here…”

“Don’t even say it,” Niles said, “something happens to Charley and I lock you up.”

“So what you got there,” Charley said nodding at the suitcase, “you leaving town?”

“No,” Niles said. “I was hoping you might be able to store this for me.”

“Yeah,” Charley said confused, “we got plenty of places.”

“I need you to keep it secret,” Niles said.

“What’s in it,” Charley said.

Niles moved closer. “I’m trusting nobody, but you two. If you’re going to keep something for me it’s only right that you know what it is. You may not want to keep it. First of all, it’s evidence in a case and I don’t want anyone to know I have it and I don’t want to put it anyplace where someone might reasonably figure out where it is; like my house, the police station, town hall, or anyone on the force. There’s $34,000 dollars in it. No, wait, 33,990.”

“Did you rob a bank?” Shelly quipped.

“Makes you wonder,” Niles said. “I’ll trust you with it and sign an affidavit saying it’s evidence. How does that sound?”

Charley looked at Shelly and she shrugged. “Why not,” she said.

“I want it someplace nobody will allow curiosity their to get the best of them,” Niles said, “and where I can get it if it’s needed.”

“In that cleaning room,” Charley said, “there’s a door in the ceiling. It’s a small attic and there’s nothing up there. How would that be?”

“Sounds prefect,” Niles said.

Thus, Niles placed the suitcase full of money in the attic.


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