The Tides of Brewster Harbor; Episode 48 – Annie’s Legal Advice

On his way back to the office Niles phoned Annie.

“Hi, Niles,” Annie said. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing okay,” Niles said, “but I may need some legal advice.”

“That never sounds good,” Annie said.

“I have the feeling the town council is going to ask for my resignations tonight,” Niles said.

“What on earth have you done?” Annie said.

“I have those two unsolved murders,” Niles said. “Nobody seems to be upset that they are not solved, it seems they are upset because I’m investigating.”

“Sounds like something is being hidden,” Annie said. “How is it I can help?”

“I’m couple miles from my office,” Niles said. “When I get there can I scan my contract and send it to you and tell me how they can get rid of me.”

“I can do that,” Annie said, “but why don’t you just resign and take a job as a consultant?”

“There are murders that need solved,” Niles said, “and I know deep inside everyone wants them solved.”

“Send it to me,” Annie said. “When do you want an opinion?”

“The council meets at 7:00 tonight,” Niles said. “It’s an emergency meeting.”

“Take care, Chief,” Annie said.

“Thanks,” Niles said.

Niles immediately scanned and emailed the contract to Annie.

An hour later Niles answered his phone from his desk.

“Brewster Police Department, Chief Quinn.”

“It’s Annie, Niles.”

“Well, did you go over the contract?” Niles said.

“Getting rid of you will take some time,” Annie said. “I’m assuming you haven’t confessed to any felonies. Here’s what I read in it; besides the felonies, they can dismiss you for gross dereliction of duty, insubordination, and not showing up for duty without authorized leave for 10 working days in a row.”

“Wouldn’t dereliction and insubordination be subjective?” Niles said.

“There is a whole process of warnings, review boards, and hearings,” Annie said. “It’s a process at a minimum could take at least a year and that would have to be with incontrovertible evidence. The whole thing is designed to take political bias and retaliation out of the process. It’s a pretty standard contract.”

“Thanks, counselor,” Niles said. “Send me a bill.”

“Hey, Chief,” Annie said, “you helped pay for my degree.”

“Bye, Annie.”

“Bye, Niles. Let me know how it turns out.”

“I will.”


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