The Tides of Brewster Harbor; Episode 47 – Mr. Appleton’s Chair

Niles drove down Cory Road and within a half mile saw the old used blue stuffed chair off the side of the road.

Niles stopped at the chair and got out. He felt alongside the cushion and found a bank deposit slip. The name and address on it read “Ernie Appleton, Otter Road.”

It took only 10 minutes to find the house. Rich knocked on the door. A tall burly man with a heavy beard wearing bib overhauls came to the door.

“What do you want?” he said with a gravely voice.

“Chief Quinn,” Niles said. “Brewster Harbor police.” Niles showed him his badge and ID.

“That’s who you are,” Ernie said. “I ask what do you want.”

“There’s a chair on the side of Cory Road,” Niles said. “I want you to go remove it.”

“I didn’t put no chair on Cory Road,” Ernie said

“I found your deposit slip in the chair,” Niles said.

“Could have been planted there,” Ernie said.

“I don’t argue with people,” Niles said looking at a large empty cardboard box on the porch. “Is that the box the new chair came in?”

“How’d you like to end up inside that box?” Ernie said.

“Mr. Appleton,” Niles said, “Id’ choose my words carefully.”

“So what if I did get a new chair?” Niles said. “Ain’t I allowed to get a new chair.”

“You can get a new chair, Mr. Appleton,” Niles said, “you just can’t dispose of the old one on the side of the road.”

“If you don’t get off my property, I’m going to deposit you by the side of the road,” Ernie said.

“Mr. Appleton,” Niles said, “I don’t know how you’ve dealt with the police in the past, but this is now, it’s a new day.”

“I’m an innocent man,” Ernie said feigning innocence.

“Mr. Appleton,” Niles said. “Go and get the chair, now.”

“Pound sand,” Ernie said.

“Very well,” Niles said. He removed a ticket pad from his pocket and began filling it out. “This is a ticket and fine in the amount of $500 for littering.”

“No way,” Ernie said.

“If you don’t get it, you will be charged for the removal also,” Niles said.

Ernie opened the door and stepped forward. Niles cautiously backed down the steps, off the porch, and a couple backward strides from the porch.

Ernie smirked.

“You touch me and that’s assault,” Niles said.

Ernie walked slowly down the steps. “Get off my property.”

Niles backed a couple more steps. “Mr. Appleton,” Niles said. “I’m armed. If my weapon comes out, it comes out firing at your chest. This is about a chair you tossed on the side of the road. It’s not worth it.”

“Crap!” Ernie said, “I’ll go get it.”

“Thanks,” Niles said. “And here’s a ticket for $500.”

“I said I’ll get it,” Ernie said.

“I appreciate it,” Niles said. “but you threatened a police officer and your movements toward me is attempted assault.”

Niles completed the ticket and stretched his arm to hand it to him. Ernie removed it from his hand and Niles backed to his car.

“Have a nice day, Mr. Appleton,” Niles said. He climbed into his car and drove back toward the office.


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