Vulcan Haircuts (He Said, She Said; a short conversation)

“Did you go to that old barbershop you used to go when you were a kid?” She said.

‘Yeah, it’s kind of nice to go back to the old neighborhood,” he said.

“It looks like a haircut from 30 years ago,” she said.

“Didn’t you like it then?” he said.

“We have moved on. You can afford to have your hair styled now” she said.

“It’s styled,” he said.

“A taper in the back is not a style,” she said.

“Where I’m from it is,” he said. “That’s the only haircut Slice gives.”

“His name is Slice,” she said, “that should tell you something.”

“He used to work the meat counter at his family’s grocery as a kid,” he said.

“My cousin’s son just opened a place,” she said.

“He’s a fruit,” he said.

“He’s an artist with hair,” she said.

“I’ve seen the people that go in there. I’d be out of place,” he said.

“He’s so advanced in hairstyle he doesn’t even know what a taper is,” she said.

“He knows,” he said.

“How do you know he knows,” she said.

“His ears,” he said, “they are tapered.”

“That’s when he was going through an identity crisis,” she said.

“I can’t trust my hair to a guy who thought he was a Vulcan,” he said.

“That has passed,” she said.

“Why does he still go by the name Spank?” he said.

“Why don’t you find out the next time you need a haircut,” she said.

“I don’t want to know,” he said.

“For your information, many Vulcans have names starting with SP and end in K,” she said.

“Spook would have been a better fit,” he said.

“Just go to him once,” she said.

“Tapered hair or tapered ears, which would you take?” He said. “It’s so logical.”


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