The Tides of Brewster Harbor: Episode 46 – Encounter with Lute

Mid morning, Niles received a call about illegal dumping of a chair on Cory Road. Niles locked the office and opened the door to his Jeep.


Niles turned to see who called out his name. “Lute, good to see you.”

Lute wore a stern face. “What are you trying to pull?”

“What do you mean?” Niles said.

“The paper,” Lute said. “Are you trying to rip this town apart?”

“Well,” Niles said, “Apparently, I got everybody talking, that’s for sure.”

“No,” Lute said, “you got the town in a frenzy.”

“Gee,” Niles said, “don’t you think it’s about time.”

“This used to be a peaceful town,” Lute said.

“An unsolved mysterious murder and a violent one is your idea of peaceful,” Niles said.

“There will be an emergency council meeting tonight,” Lute said. “it’s best you be there.”

“You look stressed, Lute,” Niles said. “Have you been sleeping good?”

“Don’t play coy,” Lute said. “You’re treating everybody like outsiders, everybody as a suspect.”

“Not really,” Niles said, “if you read my quote, you’d see I have less than a dozen suspects.”

“Yeah,” Lute said. “you didn’t name a soul, that leaves everybody under suspicion.”

“Careful, Lute,” Niles said. “you’re acting as if you should be on that list.”

“7:00,” Lute said.

Niles climbed in his Jeep and Lute stormed away. Niles drove no more than a mile outside of town and his phone buzzed.

“Chief Quinn,” Niles said.

“Niles, this is Lute.”

“Yeah, Lute, what’s up,” Niles said.

“Hey,” Lute said, “I’m sorry about all that a few minutes ago. A couple of members of the council were looking on from their cars. I know how hard you’re working this case. I want to let you know I appreciate it, but on the other, hand I have to reflect the anger of the community.”

“That’s okay,” Niles said. “We all have our roles to play. We shouldn’t take any of this personal.”

“See you tonight at 7:00?” Lute said.

“Of course,” Niles said.

“I’ll have my game face on,” Lute said.

“I don’t play games. See you then.” Niles hung up and continued to drive. “You disappoint me, my friend,” he murmured.


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