Pulling A Rabbit Out Of Your…

Ever since Delbert was 10 he wanted to be a magician. He bought books, performed all the obligatory tricks and came up with a few of his own, signature tricks that set him aside from the rest.

As an adult, he was moved to the top of his trade; playing before larger and larger audiences. He even made a few television appearances.

He was holding back, though. He had one trick performed only in private, a disappearing act. He became invisible with no smoke, mirrors, absolutely no props whatsoever.

It was a trick given to him many years earlier by a dying magician who was on his deathbed.

Delbert performed it alone in front of a mirror many times.

The moment arrived for him to unveil his perfected disappearing trick. It was a White House performance. The most powerful and prominent people in the nation were in attendance.

He wowed them with his favorites and at the end, he stood alone and smiled politely at the audience. He concentrated profusely and passed his wand over his body.

Only his clothes disappeared.

He stood alone and naked in front of the most powerful and prominent people in the nation. Everyone was shocked. If there was ever a time he wanted to disappear it was now. He turned to find a prop to cover himself with. Everyone began laughing. Delbert turned back to the crowd and laughed with them.

As the laughter subsided he said to everyone. “This is the first time I performed the tick in public, can you tell me what is so funny?”

The President stood. “When you turned your back to the audience we thought that was just a very strange place to be pulling a rabbit from.”

Delbert grinned. “With your hat missing ya gotta pull it from somewhere.”


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