Belichick , The Tides of Brewster Harbor; Episode 28

The next morning the fog settled in thicker than Niles had ever imagined. On his morning walk to the Harbor Inn he became nearly convinced of walking in the wrong direction. “I can’t imagine what it would be like in a boat out on the water,” he thought.

Niles walked into the inn. Steve sat at the table in the dinning room with the view of the harbor. He held the Wall Street Journal in front of him and never looked up. Niles poured a coffee. On his way to the table where Steve sat, he thought about how he could inform Steve that they were all of the same mind without being bold and obvious. “Sometimes you can scare away the birds you’re trying to feed,” he thought. “However, Steve is cool, he doesn’t scare easy.”

Niles sat in the chair across from Steve.

Steve dropped the paper. “Stay clear of chips,” he smiled.

Niles leaned across the table to Steve and whispered, “Are you really sure this is where Sam was sitting when he died.”

Steve smiled broadly. “Dead sure.”

Niles eased back into the chair. Steve laid the paper on the table in order to have eye contact, yet continued to read it.

Charley brought a trey of muffins from the kitchen and placed them on the counter.

“Mornin’, Charley,” Niles said.

“Mornin’ to both of ya,” Charley said. “You guys must have slipped in under the radar. And by the way, Niles, you’re getting the accent down pretty good.”

“You’ll always be a flatlandah,” Steve said.

“Great time last night,” Niles said to Charley. He smiled broadly at Steve. “Sat right here last night and had the best pizza I’ve had since I was a teenager.”

“Yeah,” Charley said. “and you stuffed your mouth just like you did in the old days.”

“I think I’m missing some of the story,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” Charley said, “I hate coming up to people in the middle of a conversation.”

Steve looked at Niles and lifted one eyebrow.

“He knows,” Niles thought.

“Do you know what the Patriots have a good team year after year?” Nile said.

“Brady, and Belichick,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” Niles said with a slight tone of pessimism, “but it’s more than that, it’s getting the right players in the right place. Brady has no idea at all what the outside linebacker knows and does. Teamwork often means the members working independent and without knowledge of the other. However, they are bound by Belichick and a common goal.”

“You know your football,” Steve said.

“I know police work and investigations,” Niles said. “Belichick would make a good cop.”

Niles finished his coffee while Steve continued reading.

“Well,” Niles said, “got to get over to the office. I got a city to protect. Have a good day, Steve.”

On his way out Niles placed his cup in the bin and he leaned into the hallway leading to the kitchen. “See you folks later.”

“Have a good day, Niles,” Shelley said.

“Yeah, Niles, me too,” Charley said.


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