Ziggy And Buster Set A Goal

“You got any goals for next year?” Ziggy said.

“What! Goals,” Buster said. “Goals are overrated. Show me a person who set goals and I’ll show you someone whose setting themselves up for failure and the failure of others.”

“Goals are how you can mark improvement,” Ziggy said. “It’s a pathway to achievement.”

“What have you been reading?” Buster said.

“Last week when I overslept I watched the Today Show…”

Buster interrupted. “That garbage still on TV?”

“Sure,” Buster said. “They had this guy on that said it is the right time to start setting goals for the new year. You have a little better than a month to think about what improvements you need to make and how to implement a plan.”

“Have you come up with anything?” Ziggy said.

“Not yet,” Buster said. “The guy on TV said you should talk it over with friends, perhaps they have suggestions and may even help you. That‘s why I’m mentioning it to you.”

“Okay, my friend,” Ziggy said. “You show up for work at least two or three times a month, make it your goal to not show up late for work all next year.”

“That’s not a good goal,” Buster said.

“Why?” Ziggy said.

“Because there are benefits in showing up late,” Buster said.

“Like what?” Ziggy said.

“I get needed sleep and I can catch the Today Show,” Buster said. “It keeps me informed. That would have a negative impact on me. Goals are about improving.”

“Let me toss this one out at you,” Ziggy said. “Cut back on doughnuts. That will help both of us.”

“How,” Buster said.

“You pick up six doughnuts a day,” Ziggy said. “We each have two at break and save the other one for the drive home. Just by cutting out the doughnuts I bet we could lose weight. That’s an improvement, right?”

“I’m not sure I want to do that,” Buster said reluctantly.

“Why not?” Ziggy said. “Look, you’ve planted the seed about goals and now you’re backing away.”

“I’m just afraid of the impact it’s going to have on Freddy’s Doughnut Dugout,” Buster said. “He’s got a family. And he’s probably got goals to sell more doughnuts next year. We may be stepping in the way.”

“What gives?” Ziggy said. “It’s only six doughnuts a day. He probably throws that many away.”

“And if he does that’s six more,” Buster said. “I’m beginning to see the light. Goals have a devastating effect on others. For every goal you set others suffer. You and I eat six doughnuts a day, everyday. The weekends we don’t work, but we still go to Freddy’s. That’s 6 doughnuts times 360 or … That’s over 2,000 doughnuts a year. I don’t think Freddy can sustain that kind of loss.”

“You’re a good man, Buster,” Ziggy said.

“Ya know,” Buster said. “Because of you I see the world in a whole different light.”

“How‘s that Ziggy said.

“Every time I see a skinny guy,” Buster said. “I see somebody trying to destroy the economy one doughnut at a time. Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” Ziggy said. “Thank the today show. They planted the seed.”

“I think we should help ole Freddy,” Bruce said. “Let’s just buy another doughnut each. We can have it as desert for lunch. That will be our goal, another doughnut a day.”


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