The Emmy Awards; Jejune Drivel

The Emmy Awards were last week. Wow, seems like a decade ago.

Let’s be candid, they are boring, self absorbing, self promoting, egotistical, and a maniacal view of an industry that is boring, self absorbing, self promoting, egotistical, and maniacal. It has become so boring and transparent they can no longer come up with a creative program. They have thus entered the arena of politics, to revitalize what ever it is they lost.

It has become nothing more than a darling of a political left leaning industry amused by a politically left leaning comedians ripping a bad joke and an isolated shot of a celebrity forcefully laughing uproariously. They remind me of the guy who laughs at all the boss’s jokes.

This is the industry whose creative output and intellectual diversity is so limited it has resorted to porn to sell nearly all its products. Their idea of being creative is to pull down their pants or remove a bra as humorous, artistic, a social statement, and a political view.

Most people stopped viewing the Emmys years ago. Thus like a spoiled petulant child used to all the attention, the Emmys are standing in the middle of the room demanding attention. With each passing moment it fails to grab attention, the antics become more and more bizarre and outrageous.

The world is at a point in time when awards have become meaningless. There are so many organizations passing out awards, the world is almost to the point of passing out an award to every living soul.

Awards have become more about political ideology than actual accomplishment. They are driven more by savvy insiders and publicists than actual deserving recipients.

Award shows have become more about public policy, politics, self promotion, ideologies, and the demeaning of one segment of society in favor of another. They hypocritically embrace love and unity while espousing outright hate for those who don’t share their world view and seek to marginalize and cast as insignificant the view of others who may be a vast majority.

They only ones, besides themselves, they speak to are those with little life experience and those who are quite content to allow others the think for them.

Don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a sabbatical on all awards; from the Heisman, right through the Emmys, and including the Nobel. And I guarantee the world will be no worse or better – just a little less hypocritical and pathetic.


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