A Victim of Irresponsible Journalism (Time to Opine)

Do you ever wonder what really is news? One thing that the recent Presidential cycle has really brought to the attention of the public is the term “fake news.” That’s disturbing. Citizens want to be informed and informed honestly and unbiased.

Reporting on something heard is not really reporting; it’s passing on a rumor. And yet one can with some twisted degree of logic say the information came from a confidential source.

Reporters must have a healthy degree of skepticism. However, more and more the reader or consumer of news must have an even healthier and aggressive degree of skepticism.

Recently it was reported Eric Bolling’s son had died, it deeply saddened me. One could not help but tie the firing of his dad from Fox with his death. Some reports have surfaced indicating that he was emotionally distraught over allegations of workplace sexual misconduct by his father. It was front page fodder at the Huffington Post.

Freedom as in freedom of press has boundaries. One might argue, than that is not true freedom. Freedom of speech and freedom of press are two different concepts; one is more free than the other. A person can say and do pretty much all he wants (or say all he wants), however when raise to the level of news there is a certain code of decency. Often faces of children are blurred, at times even faces of adults are blurred, and certain words are bleeped; why? For the sake of public decency.

One might argue that if the charges against Eric Bolling are true, he has only himself to blame. Don’t buy that for a minute. Reporting has consequences. Though not legally accountable, certainly morally. So many stories today are meant to bring down a person and destroy lives. In this case it just happened to be the life of an innocent bystander, whose only involvement was standing by his dad.

The truly sad thing is that some had even expressed delight over the son’s death. There are things that the public truly has no interest—and this happens to be one of them.




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