Michelangelo Happens To Be A Close Friend

Dat’sa mia, from da side a view.

“Hey a, G-low” I said,” Whata you makea?” (Close friends of Michelangelo call him G-low.)

“It is a sculpture,” Keenton.” G-low said.

“It dona looka like a nothing’ ta me,” I said.

“Sure it a somethin’. Everythin’ a somethin’,” G-low said.

“But that a nothin’,” I said.

“Whata look a like ta you?” G-low said.

“It look a like a block of granite,” I said.

“That’s a right,” G-low said. “You gotta gud eye for art.”

“But a whatsa sposed to be?” I said.

“You!” G-low said.

“Me!” I said. “I donna get it. How a block of a granite s’posed ta be a me?”

“You a block head, Keenton,” G-low said.

“You a very funny G-low,” I said. “I s’pose you go into a funny business now and be another Ray Romano.”


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