Time to Opine – Why The Media Failed In The Elections

First, let me say I have no political leaning. The issue of how the media got the Presidential election so wrong is merely the symptom of something deeper and more alarming. They are wrong on nearly everything.

Now allow me to opine.

In October of last year my wife and I were flying home from vacation. In an airport in Dayton, Ohio a pleasant lady in her 80s sat beside my wife and I.

We enjoyed the usual conversation; where are you going and where did you come from? She asked me what I thought about the election.

It’s interesting,” I said. That was as honest of an answer that I could provide. Frankly, I don’t vote and it makes little difference to me one way or another, but all that aside, to me, it was interesting.

Next she leans over and cups her hand to the side of her mouth like she was about the tell me where I can get some good bathtub gin. “I don’t want to say this too loud, but I’m voting for Trump.”

A few hours later my wife and I are on a plane from Denver to Boise. A woman in her late 50s sits next to my wife and I. We all knew where we were going, so we talked about where we had been.

And without warning, as if rehearsed with the previous old lady, the woman leans toward my wife and I as if she’s about to tell us where to score some really good weed, “I’m not going to say this too loud, but I’m voting for Trump.”

This was all said when the media, the pollsters, and all pundits said Trump had no path to victory.

I recall the older lady saying to me concerning Trump, “That’s the way men talk. They don’t mean anything by it, but when you go blabbing what a man says when he’s with other men you’re not telling anybody anything new, you’re just trying to make yourself look good.”

I remember telling my wife, “This sounds crazy, but I think he’s going to win. I mean, two people out of the blue telling us secretly they are voting for Trump, what are the chances?”

What that means to me and perhaps all, is that what we are told and what is reported by the media is not factual or facts are distorted. It also illustrates the media is a poor place for accurate and unbiased information and analysis.

It seems as if the media is there for no other reason than to form, dictate, and sway public opinion and when that can’t be accomplished, skew what public opinion is.

As for me I’m less inclined to worry about the politics, as a whole, when it comes to the media’s dishonesty or bias. It is other things that folks should worry about. It is as if the media has become the new moral directional in peoples’ lives. They (people in the media) are quick to say they are not making moral judgments, when in fact they do—all the time.

The media presents one narrative while the majority hold to another. And because of the media grip and control, they present a narrative contrary to the majority.

Those two women likely had a lot more to whisper about how they really felt. The things polls don’t capture or that direct questions don’t reveal.

When people are comfortable to express feelings without fear of shame, ridicule or repercussions, it is sometimes surprising how universally united folks are.

The media rather than being a collection point of ideas seems to be a dispersing point, and that point is chocked and closely governed as to what is distributed as truth.



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