The Tides of Brewster Harbor; Episode 3, Starting to Let Go


Niles hopped a bus home. He watched the Yankees with a beer and day old pizza. As soon as the game spilled over into extra innings he fell asleep in his chair. He woke couple hours later to an infomercial and plodded off to bed with only enough energy to remove his cloths and slip under the covers.

The next morning he bussed to work and struggled through the morning routine of reviewing cases and assignments with his detectives. Back in his office he checked the voice mails. He listened to a couple that he jotted notes. And then the one came from human resources approving his vacation.

He leaned out the office door. “Banyon!”

Niles sat in a chair in front of his desk leaving his chair behind the desk empty. Banyon entered the room.

Have a seat,” Niles said gesturing to the empty chair.

Banyon moved slowly toward the chair.

Careful,” Niles said, “Don’t appear too anxious.”

Banyon smiled and sat down. He moved around in the seat. “I’m ordering a new chair.”

If it was in the budget I’d had one long ago,” Niles said.

So how long will you be gone?” Banyon said.

A week, maybe two,” Niles said. “Before I go to Maine I’m going to visit my dad upstate. We haven’t seen each other in six months, long overdue.”

That’s great,” Banyon said. “Me and my ole man haven’t talked in years.”

When I left home I never wanted to see that ole SOB as long as I lived,” Niles said. “And when I was staring down the wrong end of a Glock held by some punk, Dad was the only thing on my mind. I remembered all the jams he got me out of and how ungrateful I was. Our relationship healed in an instant.”

What happened with the Glock?” Banyon said.

Never buy a gun from a guy named Rascal,” Niles said. “It jammed. Funny thing, he rares back to throw it at me at it goes off. He practically soils himself. By then, I’m un-holstered. When he sees my weapon, he’s on the ground with his fingers laced. I could have tossed him the cuffs and he’d have put them on himself. It was then I said to myself I want to be a detective.”

Let’s go over some things,” Niles said. “and if something is missed you have my cell.”

Niles filled the morning reviewing things with Banyon. He checked his watch just a little before noon.

I’m taking off early,” Niles said. “I’m going home, get my car, and get an early start. I wanna get to Dad’s place before it’s past his bedtime.”

Sure, Cap,” Banyon said, “I can take it from here. Are you feeling okay?”

Yeah,” Niles said, “but there is this strange feeling.”

Like what?” Banyon said.

I’m letting go,” Niles said. “Don’t get all excited. I haven’t made a decision, but it’s kind of like starting to pack. You start a couple days before you leave. You don’t pack all your socks and underwear, because you’ll need some before you leave, but you’re packing what you need and leaving behind what you don’t. Does this make sense to you?”

Banyon swallowed. “I think I’m going to call my dad.”

See you in a week or so,” Niles said. “Don’t be afraid to call.”

Sure thing, Cap,” Niles said. “Go have some lobster.”


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